iPhone 14: 3 Amazing Features That Will Astound You

Apple has constantly been touted as a business enterprise that leads the way in terms of layout. The options that they make often set the fashion, despite the fact that they’re criticized within the beginning. (Case in component, no charger with a brand new telephone.)

The iPhone 14 became released in September of 2022 and took with it a variety of cool new functions that had lovers excited.

Apple iPhones may be a large funding. The most inexpensive model you can discover, which is the essential iPhone 14 with 128 GB of garage, will set you back by $800. That quantity of cash is not insignificant.deciding on greater garage or better-quit models can push the price to over $a thousand.

Fortunately, it’s far more feasible to rent iPhones, and this has some benefits. For one, renting is extensively much less high priced than purchasing even the top-stop models.

Also, renting an iPhone doesn’t psychologically lock you into using the identical telephone for numerous years due to the excessive cost. That way you can transfer to the nowadays model of guilt-free.

In this text, we will look at three of its talents if you absolutely need to strive out if you own an iPhone 14 or if you are making plans to get one quickly.

Dynamic Island:

You probably knew this one was going to be cited. At the seasoned and pro Max editions of the phone, an emblem-new characteristic referred to as the Dynamic island has been upload.That’s proper. The regular iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus don’t assist it.

The Dynamic Island is thought to behave as a bendy notification shipping device with the potential to show background tasks like apple maps, song playback, and additional in an intuitive manner. The UI reveal of the Dynamic Island is very futuristic however whether or not or no longer it counts as a “modern feature,” because the corporation implies, is debatable.

But, it does carry quite a few beneficial first-rate-of-lifestyles upgrades. for instance, charging your cell phone now indicates a nice indicator at the Dynamic Island that you may see immediately.

You also have appealing animations that show up even as you pair your AirPods. It’s a small opportunity, but it appears pretty specific. The timers you presently set will display the countdown at the dynamic island, which is super and beneficial. An extensive form of different apps, moreover paintings on the dynamic island, like Maps and Spotify.

You can also see live sports activities rankings at the dynamic island (thru the apple television app), which stops you from desiring to open up precise apps. You additionally get spotlight comments of key moments as the sport progresses, that is awesome.

Action Mode:

Apple has made a call for its stellar cameras for some time now, with the Google Pixel and the flagship models of Samsung being able to in shape or come close to it. A large purpose for this is that the delight doesn’t come from the right hardware alone.

The picture processing software program software plays a massive characteristic that’s why photographs from the Pixel 4a in shape the fine phones nowadays notwithstanding using a sensor that changed into first launched in 2018. The iPhone 14 is not any slouch each and, in addition to brilliant photograph pleasantness, additionally brings us a feature called “action Mode.”

This option affords users with an excessive degree of video stabilisation even without the use of a tripod. This feature makes it best for taking pictures of interesting moments in regular life. The motion mode can film sturdy films at the same time as jogging, playing a short endeavour of chase together with your dog, or filming dramatic shots on your Youtube or Instagram channel.

Action Mode can be enabled with the aid of switching to the video section for your digital camera app and tapping the “running guy” icon that must be at the pinnacle left of your display. The mode works superb with out of doors daylight hours pics as it requires an awesome quantity of light to paint nicely.

It may paintings in low-light conditions, but you’d need to go to Settings > digicam > record Video and then, at the very backside, enable the choice referred to as “action Mode lower light.” whilst this enables hundreds, the outcomes aren’t as suitable as out of doors shots.

Crash Detection:

One of the most cited features in the new iPhones (and with the Apple watches) is crash detection, which has already begun to save human beings’ lives.

This characteristic makes use of numerous sensors on the device that hit upon modifications to G-pressure and pressure (with the barometer sensor), an Accelerometer, and GPS records to song if the car is at excessive pace or maybe the device’s microphone to check for the sounds of a crash.

once it detects a crash has occurred, it’ll deliver a popup for your show telling you that it thinks a crash has come about. it’s going to offer you a countdown of 10 seconds that you could stop if you are okay. If the timer doesn’t stop, it’ll robotically attain emergency services and ship them to your vicinity records.


The iPhone continues to be a modern piece of generation that has gladdened its fan base all once more. A few have at a loss for words the shortage of innovativeness of the enterprise business in current years, and this will be cited with subjects just like the Dynamic Island. Like, sure, it’s a cool addition but is it without a doubt “innovative,” or is it a glorified notifications bar?

The telephones do have lots of exciting functions. but in the midst of falling income, Apple wants to examine its method and turn subjects around.

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